The Royal Belum State Park is part of the larger Belum-Temengor Forest Reserve, one of the largest blocks of forest in Peninsular Malaysia. With 117,500 ha of area, it was declared as the Royal Belum State Park by Sultan of Perak on 31st July 2003.

This tropical paradise is rich with amazing FLORA and FAUNA, composed mainly of pristine tropical rainforest, which remains one of the largest untouched forest reserves with many river systems, and small grassland areas, some abandoned agricultural plots, and Temengor Lake ..a large man-made lake.

An ideal destination for eco tourism adventures, recreation activities, such as wildlife Observation, Camping, Swimming, Boating, Jungle Trekking, Fish Feeding, Fishing, Birding, education and research initiatives, which support the conservation efforts of the area.

Treasure of Nature
The Royal Belum State Park is located in the Gerik, Perak, (Hulu Perak Area). It is believe that theBelum-Temengor Forest Reserve is about 290,000 hectares and with more than 146,000 hectares of virgin forest.
The Belum Rainforest is divided into two sections: Royal Belum area, which stretches to theThai-Malaysian border covering 117,500 hectares of impenetrable jungle and the lower Belummostly covered by Temengor Lake.
The stunning landscape of rainforest houses over 3,000 species of flowering plants, including three species of the largest flower in the world – the Rafflesia. It is also the natural habitat of 64 species of ferns, 62 species of mosses, and has a lake that is home to 23 species of freshwater fish and 5 species of turtles.


…surveys show that The Royal Belum State Park is an important habitat for large mammals like the Seladang (Bos gaurus), Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) and Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni).

A home to the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis), one of very few left in Peninsular Malaysia. The Royal Belum is the only forest in Malaysia with all 10 species of Malaysian hornbills including large flocks of the plain-pouched hornbill (Rhyticeros subruficollis).

14 of the world’s most threatened mammals, including the Malaysian Tiger, Malaysian Sunbear, Sumatran Rhinoceros, the White-handed Gibbon, Asiatic Elephant, and Malayan Tapir. The Royal Belum holds enormous potential for the discovery of more biological treasures, as one of the remaining places where you can view the animals roaming freely in their natural habitat.

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